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Thursday, 04 June, 2020
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Monday, 23 March, 2020
Titan Ger 1000 3D imaging for detecting gold, gemstones, diamond, metals, etc. (india) Titan Ger 1000 by Ger Detect This professional device works in 5 systems. The 3D imaging system,
long-range sensor system, ionic scan system, Magnetometer system, and pulse induction system. Up to
2500 meters in long-range and 45 meters depths undergrou...
Ground Navigator 3D imaging system gold detector device (india) Ground Navigator by OKM A device that can search in 3D imaging system and Magnetometer system. Up
to 40 meters depths underground, With 3 years warranty and this device is made in Germany. The
device can detect Gold and Treasures underground. It is a ve...
COBRA GX 8000 6 system metal detector device (india) COBRA GX 8000 by GEOGROUND This is a professional device that can search in 6 systems. The
long-range system, long-range dual system, manual frequency system, ion system, ionic system, bionic
system. Up to 2000 meters in long-range and 40 meters dept...